Cycloclean Portable SP series

CycloClean Portable SP series, which are basically for emergency use.
This is compact and stored in a traveler’s wheeled luggage.
And this is very light and handy for users to carry to a destination.
A water purifering capacity per hour is 100 – 150 liters.

This Product is contained in one case with:
*a pre-filter for placement in raw water,
*a vane pump (SP), electric pump + vane pump (SPX),
*three-stage filters in a cartridge, nonwoven fabric, activate carbon and hollow fiber membrane.

*The water produced by Cycloclean Portable SP series and New Prominent BOX needs to be consumed on the same day.
*Make sure bathtub water is free of bathtub agents.
*Sea water is not appropriate to be used as a water supply.

Specifications:Cycloclean portable SP/SPX

Filters(Nonwoven fabric, Activated carbon, hollow fiber membrane)
hybrid filter with a minimum dynamic water pressure: 0.1-0.2 MPa
PumpVane pump (SP), Electric pump + vane pump (SPX)
Removable materialsSand, mud, fine particles like iron rust free residual chlorine, musty odor, coloring matters, bacteria like coli form. (official filtration accuracy:0.04 micron)
Materials not removalChlorine, heavy metals, dyestuff, ions like minerals, and deadly poisons dissolved in water.
Treatment capacity100 liters per hour (SP), 150 liters per hour (SPX)
Available waterWater from rivers, lakes, wells, swimming pools, fire protection water tanks.
DimensionW 370 x D 550 mm x H 230 mm
Weightwhen dried about 6.3 kg (SP), 11 kg (SPX)
FittingSP/SPX : Intake hose with primary filter, Purifying hose, Tablets for chlorine sterilization, Instruction manual. SPX : Water supply tube, Plastic water storage bag, Water checker for chlorine concentration measurement

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