So compact in size with the RO membranes loaded
 Designed to carry it anywhere where it is urgently needed.
 An ultimate system to purify seawater.

 *This apparatus loaded with RO membranes can desalinate seawater 500 liters
  at max./hour (about 5 ton/10 hours). (D9000)
 *The apparatus equipped with a gasoline engine can be operated where there is
   no electricity.
 *The apparatus equipped on casters is convenient.
  It is compact and light and mountable on a bicycle trailer.
  It weights only 50 kg.(D2501)
 *The apparatus also has a distinctive feature of removing arsenic.

Simple overview of Desaliclean 2501 / 9000


Desaliclean 2501 Desaliclean 9000
Parts of filtering Prefilter, Activated carbon, hollow fiber filter, RO membranes
Filtering capacity About 100 liters per hour About 500 liters per hour
Power source Gasoline engine
Size of the fuel tank nonlead regular gasoline 3.1 liters nonlead regular gasoline 6.1 liters
Operation hours about 2 hours (about 200 liters at max.) about 2 hours (about 1,000 liters at max.)
Raw water sea water, salt water (brackish water), well water
Use conditions outdoor (do not leave the apparatus)
Outdoor temperature within 5-40℃
Outline dimension W 425 X D860 X 575 mm W 1700 X D700 X 830 mm
Outline weight Dried about 50 kg, at max about 65 kg Dried about 130 kg, at max about 160 kg

 An electrical motor-driven pump is also available. Let us know if you are interested.

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