* It can be operated by rotating the pedals either by hand or foot.
       * It is only 35 kg and can be carried in a small case.

Condition of raw water Fresh water, sea water (each case with living thing)
NaCl removal efficiency Over 90%
Water production capacity (Max) First RO output : 8-10 liters/hour *
Second RO output : 20-30 liters/hour
Power source Rotating pedals either by hand or foot
Dimension 765 x 525 x 360 mm
Dry gross weight 35kg including a case and accessories
Appropriate pressure Sea water: 60kg,
Fresh water or second RO output: 20-40kg
 *Desaliclean Portable can produce 8-10 litters/hour drinking water from raw water containing impurities
  less than 30,000ppm (TDSMeter). If not sufficient,the second RO operation of the water containing
  impurities less than 2,000ppm (TDS Meter) obtained from first operation is recommended.
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